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Download brochure
¡Download now our brochure to see all the information about the project!

    Would you like to see our brochure with all the information?

    We are a mining platform.

    We offer and explore opportunities which already present an initial investment, so they are at a stage in which a risk has already been assumed.

    What we are
    We seek to attract mining investment to Chile.

    We want to be the No. 1 platform in Chile in the mining business, if you need to leave the country to look for investors, we are willing to do so. We know what we show.

    What we do
    Match between mining projects and investors.

    We seek to generate business through a collaborative strategy, both for project owners and investors and us as intermediaries.

    How do we do it
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    Low Risk

    The opportunities we present are at an early stage, that is, there is a risk that has already been eliminated, so there is already a proven business.


    We are a company with serious projects and a reliable source to invest in mining, our vision is to be listed on the stock exchange and comply with the international standard.


    We are in Chile, a mining country which presents a wide range of mining opportunities to invest, and we show them to you.

    What Xplora does to us

    We Create Value

    We show viable projects, although the mining industry requires a high investment, but this has a high return as a consequence.
    We are selective with what we show, creating value is our motto.

    Data Driven

    We manage data, not models. We rely on hard data that complements and indicates why it is a good idea to invest.

    Diverse Team

    Our work team is made up of young members and others with more experience, but all of them are hungry to be the No. 1 mining business platform in Chile with projections to expand throughout the world.
    We are not closed to any location or type of mineral, if the opportunity is viable we will analyze it, study it and if it competes you will see it on our platform.

    We Are Disruptive

    On our platform you will see different businesses with different models, as we mentioned… We come to stay!

    Do you want to work with us? Contact here

    Do you want to work with us?